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Building the Future, Together

• Ever wonder how skyscrapers get built? Skilline connects you to high-tech and high-paying careers in the construction trades.

• How does electricity get to your house? Make a difference in peoples’ lives with a career in the construction trades.

• Complete your free personal profile today to help us connect you to your future career.

Benefits of taking your personal profile

• Get entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

• Skip steps in the hiring process.

• Make it to the top of employers’ applicant list.

• Sit back and get connected to employers in your areas of interest.

How the Skilline process works

  • Complete your personal profile

    Answer basic questions to help us understand your interests.

  • Hear from a team member within 24 hours

    If you qualify, a Skilline representative will call you. After the phone call, we will request additional information and ask you to complete a personality assessment.

  • Get connected to employers

    Congratulations! Sit back and let our team search for opportunities that align with your interests. Employers may contact you directly to schedule an interview.

By clicking the link below to complete your personal profile, you agree to our terms, conditions and privacy policy. As always, let us know if you have any questions